„vorbei“ means past and driving by

Steel pipe d=20mm bent, length=100m
Saag road underpass, 2015
competition, 2013

Between the lake and the mountain, the different traffic flows in Saag are closely intertwined. As users of the individual means of transportation, people move through this stretch of land at ever-changing speeds in a predetermined direction, and their view of the surroundings is distorted by their speed, expanding or contracting.

This conditional fleetingness of landscape observation, the passing of the familiar, the flashing of striking details manifests itself in a written sculpture that becomes legible along these synchronous lines in the midst of passing traffic. The simple word vorbei is tripled and stretched to such an extent that its length and the correspondingly increasing illegibility reveal the different speeds at which the individual is traveling at this point:

Pedestrian: 6 km/h
Bicycle: 18 km/h
Car/train: 70km/h