Vier Jahreszeiten (four seasons)
or the making of a public space lookalike
unannounced interventions
Shoppingcity Seiersberg, Murpark, Citypark Graz, 2009
4 videos, 16:9 or 4:3

as part of the project
Imagineering – Shoppingwelten als Performanceraum, curated by zweintopf

„Indoors and out – outdoors and in“ could be the maxim for shopping. While our urban commercial zones are trying to achieve a hermetically sealed shopping environment free of beggars and punks, indoor shopping malls are absurdly seeking to recreate the flair of a city centre. zweintopf thinks that if that’s the way it has to be, then it should be taken to its logical end: so they go swimming in the picturesque carp pond, scatter sweepings and cigarette butts over the mall floor, winter the potted plastic plants and warn visitors of the dangers of snow falling from roofs