zweintopf and the City of GrazArt Collection

location: public space – Karmelitterplatz Graz
duration: 02th july 2022 – 12th july 2022
photos: Lena Prehal
project team: Birgit Kulterer, Markus Waitschacher
assictence: Bernadette Mussbacher, Anna Döcker

The abbreviation misc. stands for miscellaneous and means just that–a term that indicates something as mixed and diverse as the art collection which belongs to all the people of Graz.

The City of Graz Art Collection consists of works by artists who are connected to Graz. These works
can be seen in City of Graz offices and departments or on loan in art exhibitions. Since 2021, this collection has been made accessible to the public on a larger scale in exhibitions conceptualized by the artists.

Now, the artist duo zweintopf is bringing this collection right into the city centre. In this urban nexus, where all kinds of events attract the attention of passers-by throughout the year, zweintopf will present selected works of art in a “folk festival installation”.

To do so, they make use the public space: Tents, containers, Christmas-like punch stands, and even a portable toilet will make up this lively constellation of diverse,tiny art spaces